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Embrace the power of Mesh Intercom™ and experience a new level of connectivity.

ricon technology is based on Bluetooth technology to revolutionize communication with Mesh Intercom™, by creating a self-healing network that enables seamless and reliable connectivity between multiple devices. In any group’s situation scenarios, ricon technology enhances group conversations, promotes sharing of audio and information, and provides a convenient communication solution for various activities in challenging environments.

ricon offers a Bluetooth communication system

which allows multiple units to link up to 2km (1.2 miles) apart.
With Mesh Intercom™, ricon provides independent and dynamic communication between an unlimited number of units with no risk of disconnection. Each unit acts as a relay to the communication network or spider web structure.

portrait of a woman wearing a bike helmet connected by ricon


Smart up your helmets for a new biking experience and enhanced safety.

a person wearing an outdoor helmet connected by ricon


Cutting-edge technology for all seasons and elements.

portrait of a man who cuts trees wearing a headset connected by ricon


Solutions for jobsite communications, wherever the job may be.


Together, we make sure that people stay in touch.


Under extreme conditions
Despite high noice levels
At high speed

Team DSM

For professional cycling teams, communication between riders and between riders and coaches is essential to work together optimally during races. Team DSM, a Dutch road cycling team with men and women’s divisions, both part of the UCI World Tour, is our development partner in this field.

Austrian Ocean Racing Team

Offshore racing is dubbed “the hardest teamsport of the world”. For any equipment, this sport is probably the ultimate acid test. Especially when it comes to communication.

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